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Published: June 12, 2020

Losing parents is never easy, even if you are old and independent. You can live without them but life is never the same. Such a loss has an even bigger impact on children who are still dependent on their mother or father. At The Jerry Spears Company, we believe that children need as much support as possible to recover and remain healthy. Here are some tips that can help:1. Maintain Stability

Parents are the most important pillars of a child’s support structure. They offer stability, comfort, safety, and unconditional love. Children need all of these things to remain mentally and emotionally healthy. If they lose one parent, it is important for the other to maintain stability and routines to reduce any anxiety that their child may feel.2. Be Straightforward

Family members need to use straightforward terms when explaining the death of a parent to a child. Don’t use vague terms like ‘gone to heaven’ or ‘are in a better place.’ The best way to handle this is to explain the concept of death and make sure they understand their loved one isn’t coming back.3. Listen to Them

Different children will react differently and there's no right or wrong way. Some children will carry on as nothing happened, some will ask endless questions, and others will rage at you. At this time, it is important to remain patient and listen to what they have to see. Give them time and some breathing room to deal with the loss. Encourage conversations and be patient with them because most children don’t know how to deal with such a loss.
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