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Published: June 21, 2018

Funerals can be uncomfortable for people who haven’t attended one before and don’t know what the proper etiquette is. Attendees are often in a state of heightened distress so even the smallest hint of disrespect or mistake can trigger anger, sadness, or fresh grief. At The Jerry Spears Company, we recommend you follow these funeral etiquette tips to ensure you’re not stepping on any toes: 1. Make Sure You’re Welcome 

Funeral services don’t involve invites so people know when and where the event is held from informal channels. It’s important to ascertain if you will be welcome at such an event of whether your presence might cause discomfort. 2. Proper Clothes 

Make sure you wear formal and somber clothes for a funeral. Men should wear a black formal coat, trousers, tie, and a white shirt. Stay away from bright pops of color that would stand out vividly. Women should stick with modest black outfits that can be considered appropriate work wear. They should also stay away from bright pops of color and stick with subtle makeup. 3. Arrive On Time 

Make sure you arrive at a location on time or 15 minutes before it is set to begin. Arriving late can cause disruption and upset other attendees. If a delay is inevitable, slip into the funeral venue quietly and sit at the back, which causes minimal disruption. 4. Turn of Your Phone

It’s disrespectful to take calls, browse messages or be on your phone during a funeral. We recommend placing your phone on silent or switching it off completely to help avoid the temptation to check. If you absolutely must take a call, walk outside without causing too much disruption to attend to it. It’s a good idea to remain outside until the service is completed.
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