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Published: May 24, 2017

How Does A Celebration of Life Differ from a Funeral

There are a number of similarities between a celebration of life and traditional funeral service.They are both important aspects of the funeral process and both help the family and friends of the deceased come to terms with their loss and cope with their grief. The main difference between the two, however, is that a funeral service generally includes the body of the deceased being present, while a celebration of life is more of a wake and doesn’t usually involve the body being present.

A Celebration of Life

Furthermore, celebrations of life vary depending on social or religious norms. All celebrations of life involve a gathering of people who personally knew the deceased, both large and small, and are a way to get together and remember the good times. Celebrations of life follow, for the most part, a much more loosely defined script, so to speak, than funerals and are not quite as steeped in tradition. Funerals proceed with very definite steps to ensure that everything comes together as it should. They also follow certain traditions and are seen as solemn affairs. Celebrations of life, on the other hand, are a way to focus on the life of friend and loved ones, with more personal details and memories being recounted. This is a time for joyous remembrance of the past and a lighter mood accompanies these gatherings. With little formal procedure and process, celebrations of life are much more laid back and allow for a more easy-going atmosphere. Tradition is usually not adhered to extremely closely, which allows for much more personalization. Again, celebrations of life are very much like having a wake, where everyone is expected to be happy about a good life lived, and not upset about it coming to an end. These feelings of sadness will always be present, but being thankful for the time you did spend together is important to acknowledge. Celebrations of life allow exactly that.

A Traditional Funeral Service 

These days, many people opt to have both a funeral and celebration of life. This allows for a traditional and sombre funeral service, while also allowing one to lighten the mood afterward. It’s all about bringing everyone together to remember, with fondness, the better times. 

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