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How to Help a Friend Through the Grieving Process

Published: February 23, 2017 by Jerry Spears Funeral Home

Dealing with death and lose is not an easy process for anyone to go through, you friend may seem emotionally distant or disconnected, but it’s important to remember that this is extremely normal during the grieving process. Whether the death was a surprise or not, they are left with a sense of emptiness, and without a current way to fill that void. It is important that although it may seem like your friend is pushing you away, you should be there to help them through this time of lose.


The key component to helping your friend move through the grieving process is by showing them support and compassion during this difficult time. Even if they want to push you away, letting them know that you are there to support them can dramatically help them. Our funeral directors here at Jerry Spears have compiled a list for you to help your friend through this difficult transition.


Be All Ears

It is very important when you first learn that your friend is going through a tremendous lose, that you suppress the need to constantly talk. Although you may think it is necessary to provide them with how you have coped in these circumstances, their grief can be very different then what you are going through. You need to let them communicate how they are feeling, and remember that it is there time to grieve and talk through this process. They will need someone who supportively listens to them, and provides compassion. If they are unwilling to talk on their own, ask them about stories or fond memories that they shared with their passed loved one. You are there to help them express their emotions without bottling them up, which could be destructive to the grieving process.


Pick up the Phone

Don’t forget in today’s age of texting or emailing, how important it is to actually make a phone call. When you are able to pick up the phone and your friend can hear a familiar voice, it is reassuring for them, while also providing them with a sense of comfort. It can help lift their spirits during this difficult time, and help them open up communications to help them grieve. When you make those phone calls, you are showing your friend how much you car about them, while being supportive of their grief. They will also understand that you are there for them, at any time or moment.


It’s Okay to Ask for Help

There is no specific timeline that it may take your friend to go through the grieving process, however; if you notice that it has been a long time that they have been upset, it is okay to ask for professional help. When you start to notice that their grief is effecting their career or education, or is effecting their health, those may be warning signs for a deeper issue, that you may not be able to help them threw on your own. It is important not to force help on your friend, but make recommendations on either support groups or therapy. You can even offer to go with them if you think that it may help them get the help they need.


If you have any other questions or would like to talk to our funeral directors here at, Jerry Spears Funeral Home, for any advice you may be seeking, feel free to contact us.

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